Culture Studio is moving to an automated billing process by using its revolutionary technology.  The process of automated billing allows for your orders to go out seamlessly without manual entry.

When receiving a new quote please fill out new  New Client Form.  Once all the company information is completed there will be a link to pay inside the estimate.  Please enter credit card details and choose to save credit card information.  Upon approval of the order the system will run the 50% deposit.  When the order ships system will run the final payment and all supporting documents such as packing slip and final invoice will be sent.  

All clients will be moving to automated billing under 50,000 in monthly consistent revenue in which net 30 terms can be applied for inside the new client form.  

Every year we strive to bring the most value we can to our clients and partners.  Our goal to be the most reliable accessory to your business continues to evolve each day.  As we attempt to make the process from start to finish as smooth as possible we are introducing the concept of Automatic billing.  It is as simple as clicking store payment info, committing to an order and empowering the billing process to takes its course without manual communication and closing the order out once the order ships.  One less email, one less conversation can allow us all to focus on getting to the next opportunity and perform at the highest level for each other.  We look forward to a strong year with emphasis on automation.