At CS we identify the need for online stores.  Our intention is to serve our clients needs in a very purposeful way ensuring equal value reciprocation.  When selling always push on demand products because they run through a very established workflow built for online sales.

  1. On demand store 

    1. Store sells products that are connected to our vendors to be produced on demand.

    2. Sublimation guide

    3. Everything guide 

      1. Qualifying questions…..

      2. How many unique Sku’s meaning I.e. 1 small shirt in 4 colors = 4 SKU’s 

      3. How many Designs ?

      4. How Many sizes per design?

      5. How many Garment Colors?

      6. What is the current volume of monthly Shipments / Future Projections ?

      7. How many followers on social media ?

  2. Timed campaign - 150 unit min per design (order) - or we move to Digital 

      1. For a Target Market we look to for Eligible Clients based off a 2:1 ration rule. 

      2. We are most cost-effective with a 2:1 ratio of shipments to SKU's. So with 200 SKU's, you would be shipping at least 400 shipments per month. 

      3. Store is open for a set period of time should be 1 week.  Close store out and try to ship by the next week.  Max time between sell to delivery should be 10 business days. 

Contract for online store 

  • Royalty: 20% of retail sell price - tax - shipping. 

  • 1,000 min revenue per month for payout


Can we connect a clients shopify account to our back end?

Not currently we are only connected to our hosted stores.