Hi Billy, 

Here is how the distributor owner concept works, we can jump on a call anytime to further discuss.

Most people choose to have their own business in this setup to have complete freedom and reap the most reward.  The commission is maxed out to be the most motivating structure since you are basically running your own company and its all commission based (a lot like Realestate is set up) yet have the structure of a big organization.  Under the CS infrastructure we provide tons of products and advantages many laid out in the pitch deck.  Our factory has the ability to manufacture any apparel or promotional product item your clients can dream up.  The way a salesman usually starts is with a passion or connection.  For example someone may have connections with schools.  They start off by making a couple hundred t shirts for graduation.  Then move on to making the sports jerseys to finally end up making all the schools laptop cases, uniforms, notepads, socks, shoes anything you can consider merchandise.  The holy grail from here is a job I just delivered yesterday which was 150,000 tote bags for Ford for the auto show with an invoice of 148k.  Amongst all the great advantages around creative and purchasing power CS also CS feeds leads to all their salesman.  All you have to do is close!

The commission structure is very simple 50/50 split on all profits.  Example.

100 polo shirts for Target 

Revenue 100 x 22.00 = 2,200 
Cost of garment 5.00 = - 500.00
Embroidery        4.00 = -400.00 

Profit on job = 1,300 /2 = 650.00